Speaking in God’s Name: Re-examining Gender in Islam

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In the 21st century there are many challenges facing British Muslim women. Politics, culture and religion are tools being used to define and regulate women and to place narrow and restrictive roles on them. Amongst British Muslim communities it is no different. Whilst many Muslim women are contributing to British society, many more are denied fundamental freedoms simply because of their gender. Unfortunately some of those who deny women their rights claim to do so in God’s Name.

This conference aimed to raise the level of discourse around the issues facing Muslim women. Leading activists, scholars and academics from across the world were joined by male and female participants from various professions and backgrounds to begin to bridge the gulf between scholarly thinking and the reality of women’s day to day lives.

Speaking in God’s Name and the launch of the Jihad Against Violence UK at the conference gained widespread international media coverage and captured the imagination of bloggers across the globe; highlighting the dire necessity within society for a genuine and critical debate and examination of the texts.

This conference was crucial in order to help women fulfil their potential in life. Without being equipped with sound knowledge, women will not have the confidence to challenge the dominant conservative views that place restrictions on every stage of their lives and act as barriers to their full development.

As we know real and lasting cultural change cannot happen without men and women working in partnership with one another and respecting each other fully as human beings and equals. The conference therefore sought to include men fully, so that communities are able to rise together to the challenges of the day.

Inspire are proud to have brought powerful legitimate voices to the fore and given them the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge. We are pleased to share those voices with you here.

Inspire would like to thank the Somuw Centre and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.





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