In the 21st century the challenges facing Muslim women in the UK are greater than ever.  Seven in 10 Muslim women are economically inactive; Muslim women have some of worse health than any other faith group; they can be victims of culturally based crimes, such as forced marriages and honour-based attacks; and there is a lack of female representation and leadership among British Muslim organisations and mosques.  Vulnerable Muslim women experience victimisation on multiple fronts: they face violent anti-Muslim attacks at the hands of racist bigots, and encounter gender discrimination from within their own communities.  Extremist and socially conservative ideologies aim to define women’s roles and by restricting their potential, weaken our communities and country. The work of Inspire is to challenge these inequalities, provide a platform to highlight injustices, counter extremism and give women a voice.  We aim to remove barriers which prevent women’s full participation within their communities and in wider society. Inspire is a not for profit Community Interest Company.  We need your support in order to continue our work standing up for gender equality and countering extremism.  Through the empowerment of women, we can help create a more democratic, peaceful and equal Britain.

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