Take Action

Everyone can make a difference.  Raise awareness of Inspire and the work we do by:

  1. Joining our mailing list (enter your details on our contact form) and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Follow us on Twitter and retweet our Tweets.
  3. Join our Facebook page and share relevant stories and topics.
  4. Join an existing local group in your area or if there isn’t one, why not set up a local group to support the aims and objectives of Inspire?  We can assist you.
  5. Write a blog. Take pictures.  Record a film.  We are keen to hear and share your stories.  If approved we will put it up on our website and share it across our social media pages.
  6. Contribute and encourage others to share their experiences at the ‘Hear my voice campaign’ to highlight injustices and discrimination suffered by Muslim women across the country.
  7. Share your skills.  Please let us know of any skills, professional expertise or facilities you have that you think we could benefit from.
  8. Make a donation or hold a fundraising event.  We are a not for profit organisation and much of the work is done by volunteers.
  9. If you are being discriminated against as a Muslim woman, get in touch.  We may be able to help you.
  10. Lastly: speak out, challenge gender discrimination, fight for your rights, stamp out hatred and intolerance.  Every little helps and we believe everyone can help make a difference in changing the mindset that allows hatred, extremism and misogyny to flourish.