We launched “Making A Stand” in September 2014 because as British Muslim women we believe in the principles of democracy, human rights, peaceful co-existence and respect for life.
As successful as that launch in London was, we did not want to stop there. We are now set to take “Making A Stand” around the country.

Across the UK, we want to stop the damage caused by extremists poisoning young minds, by building resilience in our communities and strengthening women’s voices. All of which we feel are crucial in challenging extremism.

Extremism impacts women in particular. Extremists try to erode women’s rights and justify sexual violence against them. They prey on our children, encouraging them to leave for Syria; the fear of losing our children to such violent groups is heartbreaking.

And yet groups like ISIS, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and others justify their violence in the name of our faith. As Muslim women, we are here to reclaim our faith back. We are determined to ensure that these terrorists will no longer be able to prey on our children with impunity by recognising our crucial role in our communities in deterring people from being drawn into extremism.

No more. Enough is enough.

We want you to join us as we visit Birmingham, Luton, Cardiff, Leeds, Burnley, Crawley, Leicester, West and East London.

We’ve already visited Birmingham and Luton to great success, and we can’t wait to continue our roadshow in Leeds on March 10th.

To register to attend, please email events@wewillinspire.com specifying your name, date of birth and event location or fill out the online registration form by clicking here.