Sara Khan and Kalsoom Bashir appear on BBC Inside Out

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Sara Khan on BBC Inside Out London

Responding to what has become one of the biggest concerns for many families and communities, BBC’s Inside Out London this Monday picked up on this pressing topic: hundreds of young British Muslims leaving their country to join the ranks of Islamist militant groups linked to ISIS, often lured by false promises of purpose and belonging. Their families are left heartbroken by their children’s fatal decisions.

The episode a features a mother who undertook the perilous journey from the UK to the borders of Syria to bring her son back home and looks at the innovative work being done by British Muslim women, such as the #MakingAStand campaign, to tackle the spread of ISIS’ poisonous message.

Click here to view BBC Inside Out London

Story 12Kalsoom Bashir on BBC Inside Out West

Are we doing enough to protect young Muslims in Britain from being radicalised? In this Inside Out West episode, Inspire co-director Kalsoom Bashir talks about the methods used by extremist recruiters online to groom young people, luring them with false promises.

She warns of a romantic utopia created by those extremists, especially appealing to young girls, exploiting their vulnerabilities. As parents and mothers, we need to keep up a line of communication with our children and engage with their fears, worries and doubts.

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