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An article featured in the Sunday Times on 15th December 2013 reports how Muslim women underwent enforced gender segregation at a Queen Mary university Islamic society seminar and how they were prevented from being able to ask questions verbally. A Muslim student spoke out how at an event in December 2013 at which she attended, men attendees were able to ask questions by raising their hands but female students were told to write their questions down on paper instead. Women were told they were required to sit at the back of the event and men at the front. The student spoke out at how this had happened on a number of different occasions at the Isoc. Sara Khan director of Inspire was quoted in the article where she stated “a woman being forced to sit at the back of events, being denied the equal opportunity to even use her voice in asking a question, is a violation of a woman’s self-determination. This is an affront not only to Islamic teachings but to equality and human dignity.”

The article can be read here. (£)